After the crisis there will be a new reality....


As we are looking at a number of countries to restart again, it is quite critical for businesses to think about the implications for the PEOPLE. This includes smarter ways of working, i.e. more remote work at lower costs as well as a more flexible workforce. It is also a time to assess current capabilities and strategic needs for the future.


Source: BCG analysis


Trust and our values are crucial parts of our business and the graphic shows really well how the leadership as well as the culture is important during these times of crisis. We have re-structured for business continuity (Head). We have daily focus calls via video with the whole team in order to align our tasks remotely while still being able to achieve our common goal (Heart). We share our experiences via our networks and give an insight into the market as well as our findings through our “Did you know campaign” (Hands).

Source: BCG analysis


During these times, physical and mental health is also very important. Going for a walk in order to get some exercise, but also to create space for innovative thinking. The industry going forward will not be the same. We at iTrust originally created a trusted partner concept which fit into our initial thinking and approach. We have now taken the time to re-evaluate this and have conducted a brainstorming session with employees and valued partners, have agreed on actions going forward. For example, it is important that there is a digital stamp of approval with people being more afraid to travel. So, how can trust be built digitally? Digital is the way forward, but how will behaviours shift and what will persist in the long-term? We have been helping our customers and partners always working in partnership. We are looking to extend our services and offer advisory services. We will share more details on this in due course.


The purpose and the strategy of a company are crucial for its success, but the company culture brings it together through its employees. We feel very strongly about finding employees with the right DNA for our customers. We are able to do this because of our own company values, what we stand for and the culture we have created and maintained.

Source: BCG analysis




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