This Privacy Policy explains in which occasion we may collect your personal data, how we use it, how secure it is and what are your rights regarding your personal data collected and processed by iTrust Partnering Limited.

We may collect and process your personal data in different situations: whether iTrust is currently providing you with recruitment services as our customer, helping you find a job as a candidate, continuing our relationship with you, being provided a service from you, or you are simply visiting our website.

In respect of the data protection legislation (including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679), ITrust Partnering Limited (“ITrust” or “us” or “our”) is committed to maintain all personal data confidential and ensure the protection and respect of your privacy.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may occasionally be amended, so you may want to visit this page again in order to stay up to date as we would inform any update here.

  1. What personal data we may collect from you?
  2. How do we use your personal data?
  3. Do we share your personal data with third parties?
  4. Do we transfer your data outside the European Union?
  5. How long do we keep your personal data for?
  6. How do we use cookies and your IP address?
  7. Call recording
  8. Is your data secured with us?
  9. Your rights: How can you access, correct and delete your personal information?
  10. How to restrict processing your data?
  11. Marketing communications
  12. Changes to this Policy
  13. Contact

1. What personal data we may collect from you?     

All personal data we collect and process is treated confidentially and only used when necessary for the purpose of our regular recruitment activities.

  • Candidates: We may collect some of your personal data in order to provide you with the best suited professional opportunities. We may collect data either directly from you when you apply to one of our vacancy, fill up the contact form on our website or communicate with a member of our team (email, phone, LinkedIn or Xing conversation) ; or indirectly if you are recommended to us by a member of your network for a specific position (provided that you have given this person your consent or/and that it constitute a legitimate interest) or when your referee disclose your personal data. We may also collect your data when publicly available on internet (such as a personal blog, white pages) or via social media.

In respect to any local law and regulation, this personal data may include your full name, CV, age or date of birth, sex/gender, nationality, marital status and parental situation when relevant, place of residency, level of education and other certifications, employment history, mobile or landline phone number, email address, Skype ID, details regarding any criminal convictions (if this is required for the role that you are interested in applying for), details about your current remuneration, pensions and benefits arrangements (when authorised by the local law or candidate’s employer policy). If we obtain you a suitable contract or permanent position, then we may also require a copy or scan of a personal ID (driving license, passport/ID card), your company registration details, tax number and company bank details in order to prepare your contract and payrolling services.

We may also collect other relevant personal data you choose to share with us when completing our contact form or over correspondence. We also record telephone conversations you may have with a member of ITrust’s team and we keep a record of all written communication.

  • Clients: We only collect the basic data we need to deliver you with the most tailored recruitment services as well as maintain and develop our relationship. This data includes your contact details and the contact details of people within your organisation such as name, position, working location, phone number, email. We may also collect other relevant information that you choose to tell us in order to help us in providing you suitable services.
  • Suppliers: We only collect the small amount of data about our suppliers needed to facilitate our collaboration; most generally your contact details and the contact details of people within your organisation such as name, position, phone number, email as well as financial data in order to pay you.
  • Website users: We may collect your personal data when you visit the iTrust website, including your IP address, browser, timestamp, traffic data, location data, contact forms and other resources that you access. This is in the only purpose of making your future visit to the website more pleasant and efficient as we will be able to suggest content that is relevant to you based on this data.

2. How do we use your personal data?  

We only store and process the data needed to carry out our regular business activities which are recruitment services. All personal data collected by iTrust is used and processed in respect of confidentiality and your rights.

As such, we use and process your data as permitted by the data protection laws in application and based on the following grounds for processing data:

  • The processing is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interest pursued by ITrust in delivering appropriated recruitment services and doesn’t harm any of your rights and interests.

  • The processing of your data by ITrust has been allowed by your prior and explicit consent such as when occasionally requested for your representation for a vacancy or when you opt-in to receive marketing communications from us. We will also always require your explicit consent in case we need to collect and use some sensitive data from you required for a role you are interested in, and in accordance with local laws (such as drug test results for applications in the pharmaceutical industry or religious belief for Swiss payrolling purposes).

Candidates: Our aim is to appoint you for suitable job opportunities and you can find below a non-exhaustive list of the ways we may use and process your personal data for such purpose:

  • Creating a user profile on our database with your personal data and updating all details when required in order to maintain our relationship and always better match the opportunities we present you with your situation, experience and expectations.

  • Applying on your behalf and with your prior consent to a contract or permanent vacancy

  • Providing the necessary information to our clients in the context of your application for a position.

  • Managing and administrating your contract

  • Carrying out our obligations in respect to any contract between us or between iTrust and third parties in relation to your recruitment

  • Make possible payrolling services and invoicing processes

  • Answering your requests and questions as well as investigating our customer satisfaction.

  • Informing you of any change in our policy or services

  • Contacting you with marketing information, with your consent and when we believe the content may be of interest to you

  • Compliance with any legal obligations or police/government investigations, when required.

Clients: In order to provide with the best recruitment services and suitable candidates, we may use your data in the following ways:

  • Storing details of the company, members of the Human Resources team and hiring managers in our database in order to communicate with you for the purpose of our recruitment services.

  • Recording information related to our meeting and communications to always tailor and improve our services

  • Answering your requests and questions as well as investigating our customer satisfaction

  • Providing you with appropriated marketing information. We will not solicit your consent before sending marketing communications to a corporate email address.

Suppliers: We only store and use your data in our database in order to contact you and obtain the services and support related to our agreement, the provision of new/other services or to comply with any legal obligation or police/government investigations, when required.

Website users: We may collect and use your data in order to enhance the website as well as your experience at your next visit. So, your data can be used to help us design and publish content that is relevant to you and perform analytical research about the prospects visiting our website.

3. Do we share your personal data with third parties?  

Your personal data may be transferred from time to time to third parties in order to facilitate the provision of our recruitment services, and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Before sharing your data with a third party, ITrust ensures that we provide the third party with the only basic data they need to perform their functions, that they are not allowed to use such data for any other purposes and that the data is being treated with confidentiality at all time as agreed in their agreement with ITrust.

We have also done our due diligence with our service providers in regard to their compliance to the data privacy regulations before engaging any collaboration with them. In this context, your personal data can be transferred to:

  • External advisers providing services to us on our request (such as IT consultants who provide IT support, testing, implementation; external legal adviser, external financial/accounting adviser)

  • Companies supporting us in the recruitment and contract management process (payrolling company, companies that carry out criminal record checks or drug tests, when required)

  • Banking institutions in order to process payments

  • Digital Service Providers (such as our Customer Relationship Management system for troubleshooting if required, Wix who manages our website, QuickBooks for accounting processes)

  • Marketing technology suppliers, with your consent

  • Police, government, criminal or public authorities if we are legally obliged to do so.

4. Do we transfer your data outside the European Union?  

Your personal information can be stored, transferred and processed to countries outside the European Union (or EEA) when we can ensure the country offers an adequate level of protection of your privacy by law, aligned with the European Union guidelines, such as when we use the services of a non-European cloud-based service provider.

We may also share your data with non-EU (or EEA) countries for the only requirements of the recruitment process you are involved in and with your prior explicit consent, such as transferring your data to a client when you are involved in the recruitment process for a vacancy located outside of the European Union or when the hiring manager or HR team at the client is located outside of the European Union.

5. How long do we keep your personal data for?  

We will normally keep your personal data for a period up to 3 years after our last communication as long as holding such data is relevant to our activity and respect your interest, you are happy to be kept in our pool of candidates and to receive our communications, and unless a local law or regulation requires a shorter retention period. This period also may be extended to ensure we meet our business or compliance responsibilities.

6. How do we use cookies and your IP address?  

iTrust uses cookies on our website in order to evaluate the traffic, understand any use patterns and improve your experience when coming back on the website, and not to identify you as an individual. Cookies are small files which are stored on your device and designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to your use of our website and that can be accessed by us. Whether you accept the cookies on our website or not, we will not be able to access your personal data. If you chose to deactivate the cookies of our website, then you may not be able to see the full display.

7. Call Recording  

This privacy notice explains how we use recordings of phone calls within iTrust Partnering.

Personal data  

When a call is recorded, we collect:

  • a digital recording of the telephone conversation

  • the telephone number of both parties (internal and external)

Personal data revealed during a telephone call will be digitally recorded for example name and contact details to deliver appropriate services.

Occasionally ‘special category’ of personal information may be recorded where a candidate voluntarily discloses health, religious, ethnicity or criminal information to support their request for advice and/or services.

Using personal data  

Call recordings will be used:

  • to assist in the staff training and performance review

  • to investigate and resolve complaints, when necessary

  • for the detection, investigation and prevention of crime (including fraud)

  • to take actions to protect staff from abusive callers

All call recordings are held securely by our telephony provider PS Tech for a period of 3 months. Records are stored in a UK based server. Only an iTrust Director may access a call and eventually request a copy of a call through the protected user platform.

Sharing data 

We may be required or permitted, under Data Protection legislation, to disclose a call recording including your personal data without your explicit consent, for example if we have a legal obligation to do so, such as for:

  • Law enforcement

  • Fraud investigations

  • Regulation and licencing

  • Criminal prosecutions

  • Court proceedings

Our legal basis for collecting and sharing personal data

Recording of calls is necessary to protect the interests of you, our customers and our staff. The legal basis for us to process personal data set out in Article 6 of GDPR is your explicit consent, provided at the beginning of the call.

8. Is your data secured with us?

We endeavour to ensure your personal data is secured at all time, thanks to the use of appropriate technologies available to protect our devices, internet connections, data storage and transfer, and strict organisational procedures. However, the security of any internet transmission is never fully guaranteed so the transfer of your personal data via our website, email communication or other transfer to a third party is at your own a risk.

9.  Your rights: How can you access, correct and delete your personal data? How to restrict processing your data?

The main objective of the Data Protection Laws and particularly GDPR is to provide EU citizens with a greater access and control over their personal data as well as broader rights to protect their privacy.

   Right to access, correct and update your personal data: At ITrust, you are provided with a direct portal access to our website where you can access and amend or correct most of your personal data hold by us. You can also require your data to be corrected or updated when you can prove that the data we hold is incorrect. For such request, please use the contact means mentioned in section 11 – Contact.

  • Right to be forgotten/right to erasure: In certain circumstances, you can request that we completely delete all your personal data we hold. These circumstances include but are not limited to: the data has been processed unlawfully, you have withdrawn your consent for us to process your data, you disagree with our legitimate interest grounds to process your data, we don’t need this data anymore for the purpose it had been gathered for. To request the deletion of your data please use the contact means mentioned in section 11 – Contact and we will take all the reasonably practicable steps to delete your personal data.

  • Right to restrict the processing and sharing of your data: You can request us to restrict the processing of your data when you contest the exactitude of the data, the legitimate interest pursued or other. In this case, we will only store the data and limit the processing as requested until the circumstance is resolved or you give us back your consent for processing. We will also inform the third party(ies) concerned of this restriction and request them to take appropriate measures to respect your choice.

  • Right to withdraw your consent: For certain activities, we may require your consent to process your data, and you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. In this case, we will immediately stop to process your data for these specific activities.

  • Right to obtain a copy of your personal data: You have the right to know what data we store about you as well as the source of the data and the processing purpose. You can request to be provided with a copy of all your personal data stored by ITrust and we will provide it to you in an adequate time frame which should not excess 30 days. We may record your communications related to this request to help us solve it.

10. Marketing communications

We only send you marketing information via email and when you have confirmed your consent for us to do so. You can give or withdraw your consent for marketing communications using the opt-in/out box available at the bottom of the marketing email you may have received, or on your direct portal access, or alternatively by informing us directly using the contact means mentioned in section 11 – Contact.

11. Changes to this Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may occasionally be amended, so you may want to visit this page again in order to stay up to date as we would inform any update here.

12. Contact

You can contact us for any of the following reasons (or others):

  • any question, comment, suggestion or request related to this privacy policy

  • access, correct, update or delete your data

  • request a copy of your personal data

  • withdraw your consent to processing your data

  • restrict the processing of your data

You can contact us via:

  • Mail addressed to our UK office:

ITrust Partnering Limited

Technology House, Mount Pleasant

Hildenborough TN11 9JG

United Kingdom

  • Telephone:

+44 20 3034 6210 (UK office)

+49 8920190014 (German line)

  • Email: