Why DNA is the Most Valuable Commodity for Successful Teams

In previous articles I have focused on how important it was for me, when founding iTrust Partnering, that the business was built around transparent partnerships as opposed to transactional relationships.  I have also focused on the fact that having these trusted relationships, enables a depth of understanding of what both clients and candidates’ journeys and aspirations are, so that we can then bring these stories to life. 


I’m now going to talk about why, at iTrust, we are constantly referring to DNA. 

To have a thriving, happy business, it is essential to have the right people on board, people that share the same vision and values of a business.  This is obvious, of course.  But I believe it is not possible to learn the DNA of candidates or clients, unless you are working in partnership with them.  My experience has shown me that if you earn trust AND demonstrate expertise, you are able to access the level of understanding needed, to really appreciate a person/organisations’ DNA. 


It should be obvious to any staffing expert that SMEs (which could be referred to these as speed boats), have different cultural requirements to those of large multinational businesses (which could be described as tankers).  Whilst we work with both ends of the spectrum, I am particularly proud to have built a team of recruiters, who are exceptionally skilled at sourcing individuals who have the DNA most sought after by the speed boats of the business world. 


 Many of the businesses we work with have an agile, innovative approach and exceptional company culture. As attractive as this sounds, it does not suit everyone however, because these businesses require individuals who embrace an entrepreneurial way of working - ‘es ist nicht jedermann’s Sache wie man auf deutsch sagt’ as they say in Germany / ‘not everybody’s cup of tea’ as they say in UK!  Some prefer the structured, corporate setting often found in tankers.  Our clients tell us that it is this ability to discern their DNA, along with the DNA of the candidates we work with, that plays a large part in our success. 


As ever though, we let our partners speak for themselves on this, “The team at iTrust have taken the time to identify what our core values are and worked alongside us to bring in some really talented professionals to build our business.” Partner, Leading IT Management Consultancy, Germany. 



We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the topic of DNA.    


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