Senior iTrust Team

“I have always wanted to build a company that puts partnerships, relationships  and the right values first. iTrust is built on these foundations and I love how this has enabled our growth so far.”

Founder & Managing Director

Daniel Hulme

“I can be authentic here because iTrust is a company that believes in the same values that I hold true.  The working environment is friendly and family oriented, qualities that are essential to me in every aspect of life.  Everyone seeks to provide the best service to our clients and the team is mutually supportive of enabling each other to achieve this end. We do genuinely care about our candidates,  no one is just another CV, we treat every individual with equal respect, whether client or candidate.”

Head of Delivery & Partner Management

Stella Oliveira

“I really enjoy working within an international team and in an environment where we all take the time to truly understand our candidates’ and clients’ needs in order to give them the best service. This is one of our values and it’s being lived daily which is great to see.”

Engagement Expert - DACH

Kathleen Skinner

“I am passionate about people and networking and iTrust puts a real value on how we deal with all the people we come into contact with, making  it a much more open fun place to work.  The strong leadership within the organisation is reflected outwardly with clients and candidates and this has enabled me to build genuine relationships that had been lacking in previous places of work.”

Senior Sourcing Expert

Jacob Spearman

“I love the fact that iTrust is trying to do things differently, to create a step-change in the staffing industry by focusing on relationships before transactions.  The combination of a team that has such fierce determination to provide the very best experience for both clients and candidates, combined with an internal culture that is so warm it resembles a family, is very refreshing in the corporate world.”

Head of Marketing, Communications & Partnerships

Jessica Martin

“The culture of honesty and sincerity that is evident amongst all the members of the iTrust team makes it a very special place to work,  I can always sense the genuine care with which everybody goes about their work, regardless of what their role is or who they are dealing with.”

Finance Manager

Lindsey Heggie
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