We partner directly with innovative organisations, providing staffing solutions that enable trusted relationships in evolving tech, driving enterprise agility. 

Our Story

Following 15 years in the staffing business, mainly in the DACH market, Daniel Hulme started up iTrust Partnering in 2016 in a cabin at the end of his garden in Kent, UK.  Initially supported by two long-term friends, Daniel launched a new staffing concept, putting partnerships first.  iTrust has grown into a busy team of international consultants across UK & Spain, united in their passion to develop authentic client & partner relationships in the ERP & Cloud Technology market, based on trust. 

We are a distinct global staffing consultancy dedicated to IT, ERP & Cloud Technology & provide a partner network, ensuring a deeper understanding of Trusted DNA.  iTrust Partnering was founded to create a safe place for IT experts to enable trusted partnerships in the technology market space. 

iTrust offer a collection of talented, multi-lingual delivery professionals and as such we have a global client base, but our strongest markets are in DACH and we have a fully operational German entity.  We believe we can provide a more effective service to you because our team are experts in their field, with such a deep understanding of our clients and our market.   

We are proud to work with businesses who have an agile, innovative approach and exceptional company culture. Our industry experience is far-reaching but with particular focus on the Life Sciences, FMCG & Manufacturing/Processing, Automotive, Logistics, Banking & Insurance sectors. 

Our team are experts in their field who have built up a strong network to offer swift, solid staffing solutions.  We are exceptionally successful in securing candidates for roles ranging from Senior Trusted Advisors to Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Technical Experts/Architects (Subject Matter Experts) and ITSM/Infrastructure.  Our particular areas of expertise include ERP(SAP) and IT Digital Transformation, such as Cloud Technologies, Agile/SCRUM, E-Commerce, Industry 4.0 (AI/IoT/Smart Mobility), IT/Cyber Security, CRM Salesforce, Data Analytics, ITSM, Digital Front and Back end programming languages.  

Our Expertise
Our Proposition

Imagine all your new recruits coming from trusted sources...primarily we source from our Partners’ network which comprises trusted individuals from a pool of professionals known to us.  The combination of our partnership approach and our technical & sector knowledge means we have an excellent understanding of our clients’ DNA, so are therefore highly effective at providing the right candidates for their requirements. We are able to work & deliver wherever organisations are situated & have the experience, framework & partners to meet all legal and immigration requirements to offer a truly global service.  

In the event we are unable to identify candidates for you from our Partners’ network, we utilise the deep knowledge and expertise of our delivery team to seek out suitable individuals, via more traditional channels.  We put all candidates through a rigorous qualification process, so you can be assured that you are only ever presented with those professionals who have been fully screened by us. 

We understand that requirements are different across contract and permanent roles and as such we follow two distinct processes.  Below is the model we follow to fulfil contract briefs:

Stage 1

Trusted Partner

  • iTrust worked with

  • Reliable consultant with strong technical and interpersonal skills

Stage 2

Trusted Associate

  • Partner worked with

  • Recommended for their strong technical and interpersonal skills

Stage 3

Open Market

  • Sourcing mainly through our CRM, professional networks or advertising

  • Skills and DNA checked with our experts

  • Reference check

The below document presents the standard process that we follow for every permanent brief we receive:

Stage 1


Stage 2

Follow up

Stage 3

DNA Check

Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


  • Sell your company story based on the information/ relationship we have

  • Senior profile (experience 5 –15 years) screening with Senior recruitment Experts and where required in local language (i.e. DE, FR, PT, ES)

  • Qualify all generic topics that your company needs us to qualify but also tailored questions around the job specification provided.

  • Detailed CV check and reviewing candidates skills against your service portfolio or IT environment

  • Qualify current earnings broken down and what they would accept

  • Qualify all standard information such as: notice period, language skills, willingness to travel or relocate (if required), references, industry experience…

  • Qualify that all candidates are happy with the  proposed role and seniority level

  • Video-Screening between iTrust & matching candidate based on pre-defined criteria

  • Matching candidate documents/CV tailored to expectation, fully qualified

  • Email confirmation with right commitment and without conflict to other opportunities

  • Full access to the DNA screening video interview

  • Communication with candidate throughout the interview process to be aware of any questions along the way which iTrust will feedback to you

  • Making sure commitment is solid throughout full interview stage

  • Communication with candidate beyond offer stage and also once candidate has started

  • Supporting your on-boarding

Everyone at ITrust Partnering is committed to following some core values including equality, humility, accountability & maintaining expert knowledge of our field. We are constantly striving to ensure there is a genuine sense of community between us, our clients & our candidates.   Click on our film to learn more about iTrust and our values:

Here is what some of our clients say about us:

“We began working with iTrust Partnering following a recommendation from a consultancy, who have been working with them since they started up. We have not regretted following that recommendation! The iTrust team are providing us with a professional service and their expertise and knowledge of our market is proving invaluable in identifying the right individuals for our business. They take a fresh approach, working in close partnership with us, which has resulted in them having a great understanding of our organisation’s DNA and saved us a lot of time and energy.”

HR Manager

Daniela Weigert

Avery Zweckform

"Quality and trust are central to our business and iTrust have delivered on both fronts in the recent contractor and permanent team members they have secured for us. The team at iTrust have taken the time to identify what our core values are and worked alongside us to bring in some really talented professionals to build our business. I would highly recommend them as an IT staffing partner to any management team."


Stefan Kubick

Tenthpin Management Consultants

"The Team of iTrust Partnering have demonstrated they understand our needs and have repeatedly and effectively delivered candidates to us for complex roles, both contractors and permanent staff. The combination of their strong, trusted connections and high level of industry knowledge enables them to gain buy-in from the most senior IT and digital transformation candidates. I would definitely recommend them as a valuable partner to any management team."

Founding Partner

Ferdinand Weiss

AdEx Partners

"Over the last 18 months, iTrust Partnering have successfully sourced numerous high quality candidates for Agility Works. For example, two niche roles were proving particularly problematic to fill within the local market, but iTrust's international approach and deep market knowledge took the search to another level and succeeded in identifying excellent candidates who went on to provide valuable contributions to our business. I would not hesitate in recommending them."

Head of SAP Consulting Practice/MD

Alan Hunt

Agility Works – SAP Digital Transformation Consultancy

"I value the trustful relationship that I have with Daniel and his team at iTrust Partnering. They are always highly responsive, taking a tailored approach to our recruitment needs and have provided us with high quality freelancers with strong BI experience, at the right price."

Managing Director / Founder

Christoph Dahl

Dahlbeer – IT Planning Consultancy

"iTrust Partnering have provided us with a number of permanent members of staff - some high quality niche CRM consultants who continue to make a valuable contribution to their team. Throughout our working relationship with iTrust, the team have demonstrated a real partnership approach to providing a trusted service, whilst offering creative sourcing strategies across numerous zones for our IT operations in UK and Germany. These attributes set them apart from many other staffing companies and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

HR Business Partner

Sabrina Hahnefeld

Müller – Leading Food Manufacturer


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