How we support our candidates

Every member of the iTrust team is dedicated to working alongside you throughout the process of securing your next role.  Whilst you are your own brand, we want to be your personal marketeers! 

We understand it is difficult to keep up to date with all the latest technologies, digital tools, client expectations...we are here to support and provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right choices towards your next professional move. 

iTrust’s purpose is to offer the consultant true value, to the same standard as would be offered to a client. We do this by creating partnerships, organically grown through a trusted network of ERP & Cloud Tech experts.   

The combination of our technical & sector knowledge, along with our partnership approach means we have an excellent understanding of our clients’ DNA.  We are therefore highly skilled in identifying the right opportunities for you and offer close, effective end-to-end support throughout the hiring process and beyond.  Our team strive to present you to our client in the very best way to ensure your CV captures their attention and you are given the opportunity to present yourself at interview.  Our results speak for themselves - we have an average conversion rate of 85% from presented CVs to interview for both contract and permanent positions with the vast majority of our clients.

  • We will take you step by step through the recruitment process; 

  • One of our sourcing experts with in-depth knowledge of your specialised area will discuss your priorities to understand what really matters to you for your next project;

  • We will be dedicated to identifying the best opportunities based on background, interests, talents and your ‘must haves’;

  • Provide detailed insights on the job, client, location, responsibilities, team and project status;

  • Offer transparent communication through real-time information, honest feedback, systematic consent prior to presenting your profile to a client;  

  • Telephone/Face-to-face interview preparation: share what our clients value, how to come across well, interview structure, insights on interviewer;   

  • Support and guide when needed, through paperwork such as contract, insurance, company registration, payroll, taxes etc;  

  • Give on-boarding support and guidance to ensure you have the necessary tools to seamlessly transition as a consultant;

  • Provide clear guidance on timesheet and invoice submittal to ensure you are paid in time; 

  •  We’ll keep in touch to make sure that you and our client remain happy with the match, provide consulting and support, answer any questions and quickly address any challenges that may arise.  

  • We will guide you step by step through the recruitment process specific to individual clients and hiring managers;

  • We are here to listen to your personal challenges, priorities and interests to help you find the very best next role for you;

  • Offer insights on how to best position yourself on the market (salary and experience), in addition to providing CV & Project List support;   

  • Provide detailed insights on the job, client, location, responsibilities, career progression, team, current projects, etc;  

  • Offer transparent communication through real-time information, honest feedback, systematic consent prior to presenting your profile to a client;  

  • Telephone/Face-to-face interview preparation to help you being successful: share what our clients value including how to come across well, interview structure, insights on interviewer;  

  • Some of our clients engage well with video interviewing and this can speed up the process.  If this is relevant to you, we will prepare you so that you can best present yourself; 

  • Support you when needed, through paperwork such as contract, relocation guidance, taxes etc; 

  • Give on-boarding support and guidance to ensure you have the necessary tools to seamlessly transition as an employee; 

  •  We’ll keep in touch to make sure that you and the employer remain happy with the match, answer any questions and quickly address any challenges that may arise.

Don’t take our word for it though!  Here is what some of our associates say about us:

I built a great relationship with Hannah, her friendly and honest personality came across instantly over the phone and this engendered the trust I was looking for in a recruiting partner. iTrust also presented a role that simply fitted to my requirements. Other companies play Buzzword Bingo with their job offers – massing messages out to all their contacts. So the fact iTrust identified just the "right" offer, demonstrates their expert knowledge of their market. Last but not least, the team are efficient and responsive - I sent an invoice and 2 weeks later the money was in my account. I had a question and 2 days later I had the response in my inbox. iTrust deliver on their promise of being trustworthy on every level.

IT Consultant

Rafael Kansy

iTrust staff are very efficient and well- networked. They truly keep the values of the company in providing professional, yet thoughtful services to their candidates and consultants. I was impressed with their dedication in keeping close, continued communication with me and ensuring I was fully informed throughout my interview and onboarding process. iTrust is young with a great energy and I believe they have a bright future.

Senior IT Consultant, Switzerland

Prasannakumar Bennet

Few people are in a position to have been both customer and supplier of the same company. Having been in both positions with iTrust I can say they care. They care about what their customers need and how they can find the right people for them. And they care about ‘their’ people, trying to find the right connection. Its that combination of care and connections and a bit of good fortune that brought me on the current path of contractor / interim manager. Not something I myself would have immediately thought of, but I am glad they did.

Specialist IT Contractor, Switzerland


Hannah and the team at iTrust helped me land a project that I am currently extremely happy with. I've found iTrust to be a solid, reliable and open agency to trust with the acquisition of new customers.

DevOps / Cloud Platform Engineer

Phil Ryan
Our Expertise

We are a distinct global staffing consultancy dedicated to IT, ERP & Cloud Technology & provide a partner network, ensuring a deeper understanding of Trusted DNA.  iTrust Partnering was founded to create a safe place for IT experts to enable trusted partnerships in the technology market space. 

iTrust offer a collection of talented, multi-lingual delivery professionals and as such we have a global client base, but our strongest markets are in DACH and we have a fully operational German entity.  We believe we can provide a more effective service to you because our team are experts in their field, with such a deep understanding of our clients and our market.   

We are proud to work with IT Consultancies who have an agile, innovative approach and exceptional company culture. Our industry experience is far-reaching but with particular focus on the Life Sciences, FMCG & Manufacturing/Processing, Automotive, Banking & Insurance sectors. 

We are exceptionally successful in securing candidates roles ranging from Senior Trusted Advisors to Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Technical Experts/Architects (Subject Matter Experts) and ITSM/Infrastructure.  Our particular areas of expertise include ERP(SAP) and IT Digital Transformation, such as Agile/SCRUM, E-Commerce, Industry 4.0 (AI/IoT/Cybersecurity), Data Analytics, ITSM, Digital Front and Back end languages.

“We began working with iTrust Partnering following a recommendation from a consultancy, who have been working with them since they started up. We have not regretted following that recommendation! The iTrust team are providing us with a professional service and their expertise and knowledge of our market is proving invaluable in identifying the right individuals for our business. They take a fresh approach, working in close partnership with us, which has resulted in them having a great understanding of our organisation’s DNA and saved us a lot of time and energy.”

HR Manager

Daniela Weigert

Avery Zweckform

"Quality and trust are central to our business and iTrust have delivered on both fronts in the recent contractor and permanent team members they have secured for us. The team at iTrust have taken the time to identify what our core values are and worked alongside us to bring in some really talented professionals to build our business. I would highly recommend them as an IT staffing partner to any management team."


Stefan Kubick

Tenthpin Management Consultants

"The Team of iTrust Partnering have demonstrated they understand our needs and have repeatedly and effectively delivered candidates to us for complex roles, both contractors and permanent staff. The combination of their strong, trusted connections and high level of industry knowledge enables them to gain buy-in from the most senior IT and digital transformation candidates. I would definitely recommend them as a valuable partner to any management team."

Founding Partner

Ferdinand Weiss

AdEx Partners

"Over the last 18 months, iTrust Partnering have successfully sourced numerous high quality candidates for Agility Works. For example, two niche roles were proving particularly problematic to fill within the local market, but iTrust's international approach and deep market knowledge took the search to another level and succeeded in identifying excellent candidates who went on to provide valuable contributions to our business. I would not hesitate in recommending them."

Head of SAP Consulting Practice/MD

Alan Hunt

Agility Works – SAP Digital Transformation Consultancy

"I value the trustful relationship that I have with Daniel and his team at iTrust Partnering. They are always highly responsive, taking a tailored approach to our recruitment needs and have provided us with high quality freelancers with strong BI experience, at the right price."

Managing Director / Founder

Christoph Dahl

Dahlbeer – IT Planning Consultancy

"iTrust Partnering have provided us with a number of permanent members of staff - some high quality niche CRM consultants who continue to make a valuable contribution to their team. Throughout our working relationship with iTrust, the team have demonstrated a real partnership approach to providing a trusted service, whilst offering creative sourcing strategies across numerous zones for our IT operations in UK and Germany. These attributes set them apart from many other staffing companies and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

HR Business Partner

Sabrina Hahnefeld

Müller – Leading Food Manufacturer

Our Values

After 15 years working in IT recruitment, focusing mainly in the DACH market, Daniel Hulme launched iTrust Partnering in July 2016 with the core commitment to bring back “TRUST” into the staffing industry, through real partnerships with both clients and candidates, rather than transactional relationships. 

Consequently, each and every member of the iTrust team is committed to following some core values including equality, humility, accountability & maintaining expert knowledge of our field. We are constantly striving to ensure there is a genuine sense of community between us, our clients & our candidates.  Click here to read more about the iTrust team


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