31 May 2019

  • 82,000 vacancies for IT specialists in Germany. [i]

  • Increase of 49% on the previous year when 55,000 jobs were vacant

  • 8/10 companies claim they are currently experiencing a shortage of IT specialists

  • 6/10 expect the skills shortage to worsen in the f...

22 May 2019

This time next year we will be fast approaching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - but will anyone lucky enough to be attending, be anticipating a fluffy robotic cat to carry their bags at the airport?  Or will those of us enjoying the sporting action from the comfort of our ar...

10 May 2019

Couldn't agree more with the sentiments of this article on the negative impact of overuse of AI in sourcing and hiring talent.  At a time when there is a dearth of jobs for skilled IT professionals, to be asking candidates to complete endless time-consuming questionnai...

9 May 2019

Fascinating read on the emerging trends in IT outsourcing....particularly interesting that the cost-saving element is thought to become less of a focus, whilst relationships of trust are expected to increase between businesses and outsourced suppliers.  Doubtless this...

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7 Feb 2020

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