26 Apr 2019

Some fantastic reminders here on how Tech Consultants can bring so much more value to their clients than just technical expertise, if they focus on being a Trusted Adviser. https://lnkd.in/ghUETs5

25 Apr 2019

A stark reminder of the dangerous fallout that can occur from lack of investment in Cyber Security.  https://lnkd.in/eAWA68x

16 Apr 2019

Fantastic example of tangible success on the back of clever Big Data management, within a platform used by millions. Netflix has prioritised investing in accessing and processing Big Data information, over focusing on marketing. The bold step to block VPNs and raise th...

15 Apr 2019

The Iron Triangle is a simple but brilliant strategy that can be translated for any Project Management role, from IT projects to Brexit. The very best Trusted Advisers within any organisation, including a nation, will demonstrate confident communication and leadership...

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Causes and Remedies for Burnout

7 Feb 2020

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