Daniel Hulme

Founder & Managing Director


English, Deutsch

Daniel founded iTrust Partnering in 2016. Besides looking after the operational running of the business, his main focus and passion is to develop authentic client & partner relationships in the ERP & Cloud Technology market, based on trust.

Daniel has been in the staffing business for over fifteen years, the majority of which he spent working for a leading global SAP staffing company where most of his time was focused on Life Sciences. He was the Client Director & Trusted Advisor over many years for several Key Accounts such as Novartis and SAP to name a couple. He has delivered forty-nine IT project initiatives, deployed recycling teams around the world and generated over 100 Million US dollars in revenue.

Through partnerships, he has gained rich experience in how to facilitate fully compliant immigration services to offer hard to find skills globally. By gaining the trust of his clients and consultants, he has enabled teams to move around the world and made the impossible possible.

Daniel managed to blend the consultancy approach together with the staffing world which became a key component to shaping his success as staffing partner.

As a British National, he spent his former years in Germany (Bavaria) and is fully bilingual. He now lives in Kent, UK with his wife and three children.

“I have always wanted to build a company that puts partnerships, relationships and the right values first. iTrust is built on these foundations and I love how this has enabled our growth so far.”

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